The family of software products developed on the eLeed platform is designed to automate all accounting processes and document management procedures both in small organizations and in large holdings and government departments. First of all, these systems were created in order to see the whole picture of what is happening in any section and for any period of time.

eLeed ECM Content Contains following advantages:

Managing workflow processes from anywhere in the world and ease of use of forms and interface of the system.

Access control by functional duties and easy adjustment of the system, templates, routes.

Up-to-date information on all objects of office work of the organization. Possibility of detailed monitoring and control of execution.

The opportunity to use both in small organizations and in holdings with a complex organizational structure.

Created with the wishes of users, with the participation of users and for the convenience of users.

eLeed ECM Content Contains following modules:

Incoming and outgoing documents

Digital Signature support

Tasks management


Human Resource Module

Internal documents


Meetings management

SMS and e-mail alerts


Templates and routes

Matrix of coordination