eLeed Builder

Builder – Builder is a software tool for developing data storage structures, business logic and appearance of the system (data input forms, data viewing forms, data select forms, reports, etc.). This software application is intended for rapid development of software solutions.

Business logic is described by means of scripts, (software application that automates a particular task that the user would have to do manually by means of the program’s interface without such scripts), as a reaction to certain external changes, i.e. the event model is used.

The appearance of the system (forms of data input, data viewing, data selection, reports) is customized by means of WYSIWYG technology. This is a special form of editing, such that the material being edited during the process of editing looks exactly like the final result.

Based on the settings in Builder the database structure is formed and the code is compiled that will be subsequently used in eLeed.

By means of Builder one can not only develop a business logic and/or business rules “from scratch”, but also can change an existing business logic and/or business rules. Based on the experience of our company, we can say that practically in all projects on organizations’ automation there is a need to introduce changes into a working software solution due to new requirements or modernization of the existing requirements. In all situations Builder successfully managed to handle the placed upon it tasks, changes were introduced into working solutions, whereas organizations managed to continue working in operating mode.
The support for IntelliSense mechanism was implemented for rapid development of solutions in Builder – the developer is shown hints on the list of arguments of the evoked methods, and also the list of properties, methods and events of objects. This mechanism allows to significantly decrease the solution development cycle and to improve the quality of software solution. We also implemented support for group work in Builder that allows working on a project with a maximal available number of solution developers.