eLeed Sync+NetPipe

eLeed Sync is a part of platform which supports smart data exchange (data synchronization) between any remote parts of the Organization-the so-called network topology of data exchange. This structure allows exchange data between any branched of the Organization if communication channels are unstable or variable. Provides a flexible data transfer settings and objects in the system. In the same way it is possible to configure a hierarchical structure, which is a particular case of network topology.

NetPipe – is a component of the eLeed Sync tool, provides the “guaranteed” data delivery necessary for data exchange between the central and branched databases. This tool is designed to provide data delivery and reduce the load on the solution developed on the eLeed platform. Before starting the procedure for uploading or unloading data, Netpipe checks for a network or Internet connection and, if it is not present it stops, the request will be repeated later. In the event that the connection is interrupted while transmitting or receiving data, the NetPipe tool will resume sending or receiving data from the same place where the connection was terminated after it was resumed.
The Netpipe tool component – NetPipe Log Monitor – allows to monitor the procedure for transferring and loading data into databases in a convenient information-graphical form.