eLeed WebConsole

eLeed supports a “zero-based” Web client. This functionality is required to transfer data to Web portals and Web sites to display publicly available statistical information or data. This mechanism provides the reverse process of data transfer from Web-oriented applications to the system database.
Integration takes place over secure VPN communication channels with access to the database through a limited connection and a “terminal” server that restricts access to the database.

Web interface support in the eLeed platform is implemented as follows:

The implementation was made on the basis of Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) – is a programming framework used for data exchange between applications and it is a component of the .NET Framework. WCF makes it possible to build safe and secure transactional systems by means of a simplified unified programming model of cross-platform interaction. By combining the functionality of the existing .NET technologies on the development of distributed applications, WCF presents a unified infrastructure of development that improves productivity and reduces expenditures on creation of safe, secure and transactional Web services of the new generation.