eLeed AdminTools

AdminToolssystem administration tool. It allows for setting up DBMS connection string, data replication rules between remote offices, security settings, user activity monitor and viewing of audit logs. This software application is intended for system administrators
All existing and new systems based on eLeed platform has control and protection of user access to the information stored in it, in particular:

-Authorization of users to the System;
-Centralized management of user accounts and roles, with the distribution of security data among local databases;
-Data access distribution at the level of roles, that allows for distribution of rights for selection, addition, update and marking of data as deleted de-pending on functional responsibilities;
-Centralized management of data access by system administrator.

User access settings are made based on roles (or groups). The rights are assigned to groups, and all users that belong to this group, possess these rights. In case a user belongs to more than one group he/she possess the rights of all groups that he/she belongs to. It is possible that there could be logical conflicts of access rights, i.e. when access to the same object in one group or groups is allowed, but in another group or groups is disallowed. The rule of conflict resolution – access permission always wins.

AdminTools components: